The IMPEDE Trial and Medi for All

Studies have proven that diet, exercise, and other healthy behaviors may decrease the risk of a first episode of diverticulitis. However, there have not been studies on how these behaviors may or may not keep diverticulitis from coming back. The Investigation of Medical Management to Prevent Episodes of Diverticulitis (IMPEDE) Trial is comparing how two eating patterns effect quality of life for people with diverticulitis, as well as how markers in the blood related to inflammation change. The two eating patterns are increasing the amount of fiber eaten and a Mediterranean-style diet and education program, called Medi For All. Medi For All includes education and support on eating a Mediterranean-style diet, and is designed to support all people to follow, regardless of food budget or cultural eating preferences.

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Our Goals

The goals of the IMPEDE trial include:


  1. Compare the Medi For All education and support program to usual advice to increase the amount of fiber eaten for patients with diverticulitis among an initial group of 75 participants, to determine if a larger trial looking at the long-term effects on diverticulitis would be possible.

  2. Examine blood markers related to inflammation in 40 study participants to determine the effects that each eating pattern has on the inflammatory markers.