MediDietForAll User Steps:

Click each step or start at the "let's get started" button. 

1. Participant signs up with Name, DOB, and PID. 

2. Participant completes a baseline MEDAS survey

3. Participant selects cuisine and budget preferences, and states goals for intervention. 

4. The site generates the participants first grocery list and recipes according to step 3 entries.

5. Participants can log which meals they chose for the week and any other food items they consumed.

6. Participants are prompted to complete follow up MEDAS survey

7. Participants receive feedback helping them through their experience. 


Improve your symptoms by going Medi. 

Participants sign up to the program by clicking here. Follow along through the user experience from the perspective of the MediForAll participants!

Welcome to BILE.  We're so glad to see you. 


This is your all inclusive platform for improving your symptoms by putting a little Mediterranean style in your daily routine. Come here to get meal plans and track your progress, interact with other Med Stylers like you, and so much more. 

The MED treatment plan is designed to improve your symptoms and is based on a wealth of research.

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 Man and woman cooking in front of a camera

A Day in the MediDiet Life 

Here's an idea of how your day of Med might look.


Smashed avocado on whole grain toast with an olive oil fried egg. 

Your favorite natural fruit juice. 


Pan fried cod in olive oil with lemon asparagus.

A glass of red wine. 


Shredded chicken kale salad with tomatoes and cucumbers. 

Olive oil and anchovy dressing. 


Hummus and fresh veggies. 

Peanut butter and apples. 

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