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Need More Information? 

Browse our directory of additional resources to help you find more information on a Mediterranean-style eating pattern and how to make Medi for All work for you. 

Have a question or issue that isn't covered here? Request a virtual session with our study dietitian, or send us a note, and we'll help you find what you need. 

NOTE: Resources linked on this page will take you to web pages outside of While information presented at those links has been vetted by our team, we are not able to vet all information and advertisements contained within those websites. Please use caution before taking any dietary or medical advice. Talk with your doctor about any medical issues or questions.  

IMPEDE Trial Information

The IMPEDE Trial is a voluntary research study comparing two ways to prevent future episodes of diverticulitis. When you agreed to participate in the IMPEDE Trial, you were randomized to Medi for All. This section contains some study documents that you will see throughout the course of your participation in the IMPEDE Trial. 

Getting Started: Medi for All Orientation Flyer

Tracking your Progress: MEDAS Survey

Mediterranean Diet Information

Oldways is a nonprofit organization helping people rediscover and embrace the healthy, sustainable joys of the "old ways" of shared cultural traditions. Oldways is a great resource for information on a Mediterranean-style diet and also has lots of great information about other cultural eating patterns that can be accommodated in Medi for All. Also browse their extensive recipe database.


Learn more: 

Mediterranean Diet

African Heritage Diet

Asian Heritage Diet

Latin American Diet

Vegetarian & Vegan Diet

EatingWell has a wealth of practical advice for putting Medi for All into practice in your life. From recipes to articles to meal plans, you are sure to find something helpful!

We recommend these links to start: 

6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting the Mediterranean Diet

What a Day of Following the Mediterranean Diet Looks Like

Ultimate Mediterranean Diet Shopping List

Healthy Cooking How-Tos

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